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Bird Control Application

Within this site, you will find a wealth of resources to help you save time and money in your battle with a pigeon infestation. A small investment of your time here will yield better results, better aesthetics, and better service from a contractor. Got solar panels? Heard about ‘hardware cloth?’ Check this out! We offer real solutions with the best possible practices in mind.


Offering you the best in pigeon control training and education saving you time and money.

Solar Panels

Find out how this common place of pigeon nesting can safely and effectively be avoided.

Commercial Services

Being one of the nation’s most informative experts, we understand that no job is too big.

What our customers say…

“A few months after the work on our house was completed, I found Fred on the street in front of my house, looking at my roof. I was already thrilled with our results, but he was checking up on the work, and thought there were a few things that could be improved. He asked if his techs could stop by later in the week and make some adjustments. Some of the changes were to be sure the results were working for the long term, and some of them were to make sure the applications looked as aesthetically pleasing as possible. He has such great followup and pride in his work.”

“It is with great pleasure that I write to applaud your company for outstanding professionalism, diligence, excellent service and each and every unexpected courtesy that was extended during and throughout the pigeon remediation process. Your office management staff that was on top of every detail, providing timely updates, before I requested them. Your guys on the roofs and your project manager, get a big thumbs up for staying on task and pulling everything together so seamlessly. The Pigeon Guy is a truly awesome company! Thank you Fred.”

Quick Pigeon Bits:

One of the most important parts of any pigeon control program is to make sure pigeons cannot nest.

Nesting is best treated by excluding pigeons’ access to desirable areas.

When all the nesting spots have been treated, you will realize about a 50-60% chance that the birds move on.

After nesting treatments, when you treat all the spots on which they are standing, your odds increase to over 90%

Arizona Game and Fish recommends flock reduction with trapping and making sure another flock could not nest even if they tried.

Pigeons are familial and breed for life. They also possess a natural homing instinct.

Pigeons gravitate to the highest perches possible so they can see predators before they are seen.

Pigeons prefer to habitate spots where they have protection overhead or at least shade.

Pigeons nest where their eggs will not roll. This includes against spikes, mesh and electric shock systems.

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