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Quick Pigeon Bits

• One of the most important parts of any pigeon control program is to make sure pigeons cannot nest.
• Nesting is best treated by excluding pigeons' access to desirable areas.
• When all the nesting spots have been treated, you will realize about a 50-60% chance that the birds move on.
• After nesting treatments, when you treat all the spots on which they are standing, your odds increase to over 90%
• Arizona Game and Fish recommends flock reduction with trapping and making sure another flock could not nest even if they tried.
• Pigeons nest where their eggs will not roll. This includes against spikes, mesh and electric shock systems.
• Pigeons gravitate to the highest perches possible so they can see predators before they are seen.
• Pigeons prefer to habitate spots where they have protection overhead or at least shade.
• Pigeons are familial and breed for life. They also posess a natural homing instinct.

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