Pigeon Nest in Arizona

Are the “rats of the sky” terrorizing your property? Are pigeons dropping their disease infested waste on your porch and walkways? There is a reason (or many) that these birds have planted a family foundation on the roof your home. Here are some reasons why and what will need to be done in order to make them pack their bags and move their bug infested nests elsewhere.

Reason 1: Safety

In case you were unaware, pigeons are not on top of the food chain.

Falcon attacking pigeon.
The pigeon’s worst enemy, the falcon.

Pigeons are a favorite food to many predators both large and small. The most dangerous predator to roam the earth is of course, the human. For pigeons to steer clear of humans, they build their nests high above ground, which in turn provides safety from other predators such as cats and dogs. Pigeons do not normally build their nests in trees, but in the corners and nooks of roofs. One reason may be because they are aware of cats and other predators that are capable of climbing trees.

Raptors of the sky are the pigeons most feared enemy. From the largest eagles to the smallest Kestrel falcons, they all love eating pigeons. But, only a few specific birds of prey hunt pigeons on a regular basis, this is due to the quick agility of most pigeons. The smaller quicker hawks and larger falcons are the species that can fill most of their diet in areas with large populations of pigeons.

In order for the pigeons to steer clear of those deadly hawks and falcons, pigeons have adapted by building their nests in corners and nooks that are too small for the larger birds to penetrate.

The first step in pigeon control is to remove the nests and block access to the spots where they want to nest. Click HERE for an estimate to remove and block pigeon nests.

Reason 2: Comfort

Pigeon Nest in Arizona
Big Pigeon Nest

A comfortable home is a happy home. Pigeons are one of the most adaptable species on the planet. Think about it, if you were to travel to any major

city in the world, no matter how cold or hot, will you see pigeons? Of course you will. One reason they are able to adapt to the hot and cold (other than being a really tough bird) is the way they build their homes. Pigeons build their homes with sticks, their own feces, and whatever piece of trash that may help the cause. They are even known to use the dead carcasses of other pigeons to hold their eggs in!

After their home has built significant layers of feces and twigs, there will remain only a small opening to climb into, where they will be covered from the elements. The family will be able to cuddle together to battle the cold, and remain in the shade during the heat.

What To Do

Pigeon feces have been documented to cause numerous diseases and are so strong and potent that they can destroy roofing. Their urine is acidic which, in time, will erode roofing membranes. It is imperative that a home or business owner calls an expert in pigeon control in order to stop them from nesting and perching on their property. The Pigeon Guy is the best in the business, and we back up that claim with a guarantee. Click HERE to fill out an estimate form or call (480)726-2622 directly to schedule one immediately.


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